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    "I'm continually fascinated by the story of those I meet, and the bigger story of this great country of ours. I like to share my passion through my words & music; light a spark, drop them in right at the scene. They're the ones I write my songs for."  
- Doug McIntyre
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BRAND NEW ALBUM "Riding Free"  OUT NOW !!!
[Produced by Golden Guitar Producer of the Year- Matt Fell]

DOUG'S COMMENTS ON THE ALBUM & THE TITLE TRACK   This great country of ours never fails to provide me with songs. "Riding Free" was really born a few years ago in Tamworth during yarns with a mate, who loves  to get away after working at his demanding job as a paramedic, and head out west on his red Ducati. He savours the landscape, the solitude, and rolling out the swag under the moon on the banks of the Darling. But he always looks forward to returning home to his wife. He's travelled around the world, but nothing beats this wide, free land that is home. PRODUCER MATT FELL and I had a great time working together to achieve a feel of those wide open spaces.  As I wrote each of the "newies" I found it hard to decide on a name for the album. Then out of the blue came the song "Riding Free". I thought it said it all. I just love the magic that happens when writing!  I hope listeners feel like they're sitting on that motor bike, out on a lonely highway and riding free!   - Doug 

10 GREAT NEW SONGS  Have A Little Good Time, Bondi Drover, Wild Fire, Frank The Fox, Australia Day, Back In The Little Town, Tamworth,  Riding Free, Kandahar Lullaby, Can't Take The Bush Out Of The Boy. 

CREDITS  Produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios / Josh Schuberth - Drums & Percussion / Matt Fell - Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Melodica, Backing Vocals, Programming, Keyboards, Piano, Ukulele / Ilya Toshinsky - Acoustic Guitar, Bazouki, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin / Luke Moller - Violin

ABOUT DOUG   Talk to those who’ve heard him and the same words come up: ‘real’, ‘unaffected’, ‘Australian’.This Award Winning Artist [Australian Independent Country Music Awards- Mildura & Tamworth Songwriter Awards] has become known as a great chronicler of the Australian story, with a firm conviction to sing in an Aussie accent ! Doug also puts his own stamp on Rock & Country Favourites. Well known for great songs - “CARRATHOOL RACES”, "ADELAIDE", "THE MAN WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN", “FRANK THE FOX” - Doug’s narratives drop the listener in at the scene of the things we've all lived and loved.

Doug McIntyre Country Music

" DOUG MCINTYRE is just what we need - an authentic Aussie voice presenting authentic Aussie themes in quality Aussie songs. He works a crowd well and will continue to make a great impact on Country Music." Ted Egan


DOUG MCINTYRE has all the right credentials to be ranked amongst our finest song writers” Jon Wolfe ‘Capital News’


Congrats DOUG! You're on your way up the ladder of success! I hope you're not afraid of heights! Carter Edwards

 'Capital News' Male Rising Star Award – Australian Independent Country Music Awards (Mildura Awards)


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